Around the Fire

A fire in Africa is magic. It is the place where people gather to get light in the darkness and to protect them from the cold. It is a social place, where folklore is transferred from one generation to the other. A fire provides energy for preparing food, provides safety and a sense of belonging. It is where the shamans predict tomorrows, drive out bad spirits and cleanse the souls of their followers. The flames provide images that are ever-changing and stimulate the imagination of those who stare in them. A fire is what inspires us, ignites the will to take on the future and provides faith in the beauty of human existence. We all need a fire…

What is “Around the fire…”?

We are presenting regular events consisting of short facilitated and interactive sessions on specific topics in collaboration with TBi. We announce these events on a regular basis and they take place around a real fire at the TBi premises, or around a virtual fire, using on-line meeting tools. You are welcome to send us suggestions for topics. We normally publish a blog on the topic to prepare you for the thinking. The rules are simple: no formal PowerPoint presentations, an expert introduction of the topic may be given and a lightly facilitated discussion takes place. When we have a physical fire, you bring your own drinks and we provide a light meal, when it is a virtual fire, you do both from where you want to. You may even light your own fire. What you take away are concepts mentioned by other participants contextualised against the background of the blog to apply to your life and work. We all make new friends and broaden our views on many aspects of work and life. 

Book your seat around the fire early, since limited numbers can be accommodated.


Making sense of uncertainty

Session date and time
This session was held on Thursday 21 May 2020
An announcement will be made when it will be scheduled again

We have come to a sudden stop to our stampede. We are still milling around, locked in and blinded by our own dust. The river ahead is deep, the other side unknown. Some are taking the first steps to cross into uncharted land. How do we take the herd along?

For setting the scene for this discussion go to the “Make sense of uncertainty” blog.

Presenters: Anthon Botha and Chris Heunis and you

Indicate your interest in attending the next session. We can only accommodate a certain number of people.

Virtual Business Leaders

Session date and time
Thursday 28 May 2020
18:00 – 19:00

Boardrooms are empty during the Corona virus lock-downs and our leaders are challenged to operate in virtual space. Older versions of leadership have changed and the leader’s ability to truly lead, influence and communicate is now being tested. The concepts of feeling, sensing and experiencing conjure up associations with heightened awareness. Now, more than ever, the higher purpose of the organisation, business, company, firm, or industry, steered by strong virtual leaders, will be respected and understood: to collectively achieve a shared goal to the benefit of all, in a fair and compassionate manner.

For setting the scene for this discussion go to the “Virtual Business Leaders” blog.

Presenters: Anthon Botha and Chris Heunis and you

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