Facilitating discussions among people is a fine art that comes with experience. Facilitation is part of our consulting. We do it in face-to-face workshops or online. Several online virtual meeting tools are available and since the Corona virus pandemic, we have applied those successfully to do small group facilitation. This approach is supplemented by using online white board planning tools, in workshops or online. A facilitated session is carefully planned and a bespoke process developed for each client according to the people present and the need for the discussion. Our future thinking workshops may vary from one day to several days where the group is taken on a journey to discover their own knowledge about new landscapes for their business. A very interactive environment is created by the facilitator. Decisions are always driven by consensus and not voting. Preferably facilitated discussions should be for 20 people maximum, but we have done it for groups larger than 100 people as well. Apart from our consulting process, we have facilitated multiple sessions where the client determines the agenda. This has been at national level, industry level and enterprise level.

Contact us if you require expert facilitation for your session.

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