Our training takes on various forms. Firstly, there is the academic training that involves lecturing to post-graduate students, research supervision for post-graduates and, secondly, corporate training. The corporate training is done in the client’s own environment, applying many of the processes we use for consulting and introducing the client to become proficient in using it. We customise the training for the specific client environment and the level of participants in the enterprise. Training may take place at executive or management level. Our mentoring of small start-up enterprises is focusing on assisting the founders of the companies to take the new ventures through the paces to become mature business concerns. Another form of training, which we are doing with Enterprises University of Pretoria, is short courses or immersive experiences. In two of these that are currently running, we contribute to a Senior Management Program, addressing New Venture Creation and Knowledge Management. An interactive experience we are presenting with the Team Building Institute (TBi) is on “Leadership in a Disrupted World“. Click here to see more about this experience:

Contact us if you require in-house training on future thinking or any of our training courses with our partners.

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